My name is Stella and Itestify.

My name is Stella and Itestify.

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I accepted Jesus into my life on the 2nd of October 2005. Before then I would describe myself as a church goer. Before I became born again, I struggled with habits, inferiority complex and even health issues. After I became born again, I decided to dedicate my life to service not because I wanted recognition or attention. I looked out for several opportunities to grow spiritually, I would save up to buy books, attend conferences and seminars whenever I had the chance to, and so on.

Being born again did not mean that I didn’t fall a few times rather I noticed that the taste for sin started dying gradually. I became more confident to take up responsibilities because I was conscious of the fact that I had the Holyspirit as my helper and his wisdom radiates in me. I’m very particular about my association and things I do because I understand that my life does not belong to me. Now this is not in any way a burden rather it gives me a sense of responsibility. I found hope, peace and purpose in Christ.

I’ve made a few decisions in life that I may not be proud of but giving my life to Christ is definitely the best decision. I’m no longer afraid of the things that used to scare me before. I understand that I am fighting from the side of victory.

Some people say how are you sure there’s heaven or Jesus is the only way to eternal life? Trust me you have nothing to lose following him, it secured your present, future, posterity and eternity. Don’t waste your life, you don’t have a spare.

Jesus loves you and this is not a slogan. I pray that you come to understand the magnitude of this love, we look forward to having you on board!


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IMG_20170527_142718.jpgWomen of beauty
Women of grace
Women of excellence
Beholding God’s face
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She walks with the Lord
With integrity,
Knowing her purpose
And destiny
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You can call her classic
Her relevance cuts through generations
For she has the mind of Christ
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No matter what happens
She walks in God’s love,
Reflecting the beauty,
Of her Father above.
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