Looking for a job is a job.
This is my first official post on HR related issues. I trust that this and subsequent posts will be of tremendous help to every reader. images(37)

Job hunting is a serious business whether or not you are currently employed. It’s however more challenging if you are currently not employed and even more for fresh graduates. Just like any job, it requires diligence, attention to details, some level of coordination and of course persistence. I’ll take these 4 points.

DILIGENCE : Your CV is the first impression any employer would have about you. It’s your opportunity to sell yourself to your future employer. You need to take your time to develop it and I don’t mean going online to copy and paste a job description especially if it’s not the same with what your current responsibilities.images(36)

ATTENTION TO DETAILS: This is a 2 way thing. Pay attention to details on your CV especially spelling errors, you can use the spell check on Microsoft Word for that. Also check that your phone number and email is correct, you don’t expect an HR manager to be searching for you on true caller with the amount of work on their desk. Put numbers you can easily be reached on and make it a habit to send texts or return calls when you miss calls. Pay attention to the job requirements to be sure it’s in line with your skill set

BE COORDINATED : There’s nothing as draining and tiring as an unorganized CV. Except you are applying for the position of graphics artist you definitely do not need to make your CV look like a museum display item. Keep it simple. Start from your most recent responsibility and please list out your job duties (This is extremely important). Look through the job description of the role you are applying for and tailor your CV to suit(Do not exaggerate)

PERSISTENCE : You don’t give up until you get the job you want. You don’t have a reason to. Regret mails just mean that you either don’t fit what that organization wants or its just not your job. Learn from every failure. If you have the opportunity to contact your interviewer after an unsuccessful interview you could genuinely ask for feedback, you’ll be amazed how much that could help.

I hope this post was enlightening, don’t forget to leave a comment below and share with friends. More posts coming up soon, Gracias!


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