Why we faint…

This is what happens when you spend time in the presence of God whether it’s through Bible study, prayers, reading books, listening to messages, or attending church service; the words are sown in your spirit or subconscious and when you’re faced with a battleimg_20170102_170844 you get

to draw from this depth.

The reason we faint in the midst of challenges is usually because we are either afraid or there’s really nothing to draw from.

My mentor would always say that the best time to prepare for war is when there’s peace. Now is the best time to store up the word. If we faint in the day of battle then it means our strength is little.



We all need a support system…


When the very person who’s supposed to be building you up and washing you with the water of the word is the very same person who’s tearing you down. I can’t say that I possibly understand completely but I can’t imagine how it feels.

I hear it a lot these days and I can’t stop wondering why. Why would you even agree with marry someone whose success intimidates you? Why would you create a barrier instead of a support system? I really do not understand but it’s really disheartening. May God heal every hurting heart and restore whatever is missing.

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