Marriage goals!!

One of my goals for marriage after my first goal of bringing glory to God is to make it poppin again to have a family. To make marriage God’s way the standard among my peers. To make Sunday dinner a tradition.

To be Mrs. Stella __( I don’t


know what my last name will be but I know it will be anointed ) the cool mom all the kids love and never want to leave because her cooking is bomb and her home feels safe. All the kids will be welcomed to kick back and relax and if ever they don’t have a home my guest rooms are open until we figure it out together.

I desire to host all my husbands sports parties ( or his gatherings for his churchy preacher friends if he is in ministry 😂😩😂) and to host parties for my kids with a big bouncy house…. but the bouncy house is for me because I’m forever five years old at heart. Ultimately I want to give my kids and husband the best version of wife and mother I can. The praying wife and mother. With a plan and a purpose. You know. Come as close to Proverbs 31 as I can where my husband can trust me and I enrich his life and my kids bless me and honor me and celebrate my life.

#Adara Butler
This young woman inspires me and I thought to share this today. Happy new year in advance peeps!


Would you like to partner with me in 2017?

I’m looking to partner with a few people in 2017, please holla if you fall into any of the following categories.

– Would you be interested in joining my team (Team Vertopia)?

– Are you passionate about the less privileged and have ideas on how to conduct outreaches towardspicsart_12-18-07-01-26 that cause?

– Would you be interested in creating more businesses by advertising in my magazine (Priceless Magazine)?

-Do you have any upcoming events for ladies between the ages 15-60?

-Would you be willing to volunteer as a contact person for the Priceless magazine in any location within and outside Nigeria?

If your answer to any one of these questions is Yes, please reach me latest Saturday, December 31st. I can’t wait to hear from you, Gracias!