Jesus over everything!


People are dying everyday and going to hell while some of us are focusing on the wrong things.
I could have been a terrorist or an addict of some sort but I believe someone’s prayer somewhere even before I was born was part of what got me saved not my acts. So we are to hate the sin and not the sinner.

The reason I believe we didn’t get raptured the day we gave our lives to Christ is because we’re here on assignment, we are here to reconcile every man to Christ. It’s not the job of the pastor, it’s the responsibility of every Christian.

So our speech, dressing, attitude, and works should draw people to Christ and not away from him.
Instead of arguing and dwelling on things that are less important, let’s draw these souls via prayers and whatever platforms are available to us.

Hell is designed for the devil and his agents, not humans. With this consciousness, let’s keep pushing and letting people know that salvation is for everyone and Jesus loves them more than they could ever imagine. #Jesus over everything# #Saved by grace#