My longest 30 days…

I woke up this particular morning like every other day to discover that I was on my monthly cycle, and I went about with my normal daily activities. I am not sure I noticed any major difference in my body especially because I had missed my period in recently, which I actually attributed to the stress of Vet Medical School combined with other responsibilities I had then.

Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7? Now I knew something was wrong. Apart from the fact that I also had Hyper menorrhea, my period continued for days. At that point I had to bring this to the notice of a few close friends who advised me to visit the school clinic. I was really reluctant because I was not a fan of hospitals, but I went all the same. I was hoping to get a referral to the teaching hospital for better examination and treatment but after visiting the clinic and giving my history, I was asked to observe and that it was probably due to the delay I had experienced.

I remember going to Church on Easter Sunday, all through the service I was staring at the altar and I felt like the woman with the issue of blood who said to herself “if only I could hold the hem of his garment, I know I will be made whole”. After the service, I felt a nudge in my heart to walk towards the Pastor who ministered at that service, there were a lot of people waiting to talk to him but somehow I walked up to him, greeted him and asked to see him briefly. After speaking with him, he prayed for me from a heart of compassion and introduced me to one of the leaders in Church who was a Doctor at the University Teaching Hospital.

The next day I went to her office and in a few hours all my registration was complete and I was given an appointment same day. I was really thankful because the whole process usually lasted for days or weeks back then. I met with the Doctor and after preliminary examinations were carried out it was discovered that I was very close to having a blood transfusion as my PCV was less than 22% against the normal 38%-50% range in adult women. I had lost so much weight and blood that it was difficult to believe I was still doing some things.

Meanwhile I continued serving in the sanctuary unit in fellowship, I would clean the chairs and sweep the place of worship before the service began and even pray for everyone coming to Church that day before going back to my room as I could barely sit for 2hours on a spot without getting stained.

I was still taking supplements and pills daily as directed by the Doctor in the interim as all the tests were inconclusive. Despite the present situation, I still made out some time to pray and fast and rejected all the negative medical reports that were given to me. At this point I had been bleeding for 1 month( About 3 sanitary pads daily) and I also missed most of my classes as I had to change my clothes at least once daily.

One day a friend asked if I had spoken to the situation in faith, and it occurred to me that I had been talking to God about it and feeling sorry for myself. With a heart filled with faith, I looked at the situation and declared that I am entitled to divine health as a servant of God (Exodus 23 “If you serve the Lord, he will take away sickness from you”). I told myself that I was not going to buy any more sanitary towels and mysteriously less than 3 days after making this declaration I noticed it had stopped completely.

Now, I am totally free. No fibroid symptoms, no hormonal assay, no blood transfusion, it’s been 6 years and my health is totally restored despite everything. I have heard of people who have treated this for years and even have re-occurrence but I am perfectly well because whatever the Lord doeth shall be forever. Jesus is still the great physician, he has done it before and he will still do it again.


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