When Destiny Finds You!


I recall attending a camp fire party back in my undergraduate days. We started out with gathering enough firewood to ensure the fire kept burning throughout the event. We also got enough quantity of ignition fuel. When you add more wood to the fire, the flame burns more brightly.

burn fire

I see destiny like the campfire. Before you can burn, you need to gather your pieces of wood. Like in the camp fire the more we gather our wood, the brighter our flame will glow and for a longer time.

Your wood supply is your expectations and dreams. When you stop dreaming your flame starts dying down. Your God given dreams are meant to propel you to your place of destiny. Joseph’s dreams gave him a peek of where God was taking him. Everything around didn’t look like it at that time. He didn’t despair. God was preparing for him to emerge. He understood the magnitude of what God had placed in his life.

The ignition fuel in your life is your preparedness. Situations advance and prepare you towards your god given destiny. They may not be enjoyable but they are sure building a stronger and more experienced you.

Everything eventually works out for your good. All you need do is remain calm and firm in Christ Jesus.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

This reminds me of what my husband says,“The devil is not interested in people who have nothing to offer”.

Here comes the good part of starting the camp fire; The strike of the match stick or the lighter.

The lighter is opportunity. It is your long awaited platform to shine. It is the Time and Chance factor. You don’t need too many. Just one, opportunity is enough to announce you to the world. Whether they like it or not, your destiny will shine brightly in Jesus Name.

Here is my equation:pearl

When you get to your place of destiny, it leaves your jaw open. You can’t help but wonder where it has been the whole time. Guess What? Waiting for you.

“God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect” Hebrews 11:40

I love this scripture. You are totally in God’s plan from the time he made you.

Don’t stop dreaming.  Remember to keep the fire burning you need to keep dreaming. Gather more piles of wood.

Until your destiny finds you keep gathering your wood piles and get more ignition fluid ready for the big fire!

Dr Ifeoma Samuel