“Why should I be happy?
Apart from the fact that I lost something I felt was really precious to me few days to the end of the year, I also had to go through a lot emotionally in the past 1 year, infact 2013 was not my year at all”
, I told myself.

When Exceeding Grace; Strange works and strange acts became the language of everyone around me, I guess that gave me some hope that something “positively strange” would happen in the coming year. Well I had to make myself believe that, somehow.

Hmmmm, 2014 started with minimal expectation although I tried to overcome the loads of anxiety that crossed my thoughts at different times. I knew I was supposed to be strong especially because I had people in my life that felt I was a super hero.

At some point I would have thought my prayers sounded like whining, lol. I fell a couple of times, but it was in these periods I learnt how to rely on grace.
I had missed it somewhere but I couldn’t figure out what it was, but I eventually took a step I will never regret.

For the very first time in my life I understood what it means to trust God for every, and I mean “every” of my need.

“Bible school ke, You want to become a Pastor’s wife?” That was the exact response I got from most people after telling them I enrolled at the Word of Faith Bible School (WOFBI). That was the the turning point for me, and from then till now, a lot has changed in my life and family.

“Black Diamonds; That’s how we roll!” Special shout to all my diamonds, you all rock! I am glad I met these wonderful folks this year.

I had a few people walk into my life this year, although it seemed like one of them brought along so much brightness that my heart couldn’t help but notice.

I am not a good poet, but I want to drop a few words to express how much I appreciaIMG_20141225_200543te your person

“You stood when others walked away even when I pushed really hard

Now I understand the real meaning of “value”

You make me smile like a teenager who just got her first love letter

If we could have best friends forever, your position will undoubtedly be unchallenged in my heart

I don’t know what the future holds, but I love you now and I think that’s perfect
Errm, I think I should stop here for now (Smiles)” >

Today, I can boldly say that 2014 has been great, I have experienced Joy unspeakable, strange restorations, supernatural supplies, success, love, peace, honour, things that money cannot buy.

I learnt 4 important things this year;
– God cannot fail
– God cannot lie
– God is never late
– If you don’t fake your relationship with God, He will never put you to shame.

Have a wonderful 2015 everyone, thanks for being a part of my year!