Fasting or hunger strike?

A wise man once said “When the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable”. A lot of Christians have engaged in Hunger Strikes while they actually thought they have fasted. I trust that after going through this post, every confusion as to what fasting entails will come to an end.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

What is fasting?
Fasting is simply moving away from food for a certain time with the aim of subduing the flesh to promote spiritual alertness and sensitivity. Fasting is not an end, rather it is a means to an expected end.

Note that it specifically entails “Abstinence From Food”. This is not to say that one cannot abstain from a particular form of pleasure with the aim of seeking the face of God, for example cutting down of visiting hours, television hours, etc so they can increase their time of fellowship with God. This can be seen as a “Time Of Separation” and not fasting.

Important things to note about fasting;
– Fasting does not please nor change God, rather it changes you.
– Fasting is a master key to the impossible. 600px-Accept-Christ-As-Your-Savior-Step-2
– Fasting without studying the word of God, spiritual materials, and praying is merely “Hunger Strike”.  “Faith gives value to our prayers, prayers give value to our fasting… Bishop David Oyedepo”

Reasons/benefits of fasting
1. Fasting is God’s prescription for overpowering all oppositions
on our  path of destiny. Matthew 17 vs 11
2. To build strength against the day of battle; battles of  life
have no time table so it is important to live ready. Isaiah 40
vs 28-30
3. To provoke God’s speedy intervention on issues of concern in
our lives Isa 58 vs 9
4. Fasting causes an outbreak of revelation Isa 58 vs 8
5. Fasting empowers for dominion Isaiah 58 vs 6
6. Fasting empowers us to access a higher dimension of grace.
7. Fasting breaks every blindfolding of the enemy and helps us
enjoy divine guidance Isaiah 58 vs 11 confused


When should we fast?
You can fast anytime, as there is no limit to spiritual empowerment. You can fast at least once a week to keep your spiritual alertness intact.

How should we fast?
1. Fast with the right motive and purposefulness; Queen
Esther fasted to obtain favour in the sight of the King, so it
is important you know what you are fasting for.
2. With the right heart; free of strife, unforgiveness, or
3. Walking in love with others.
4. Sometimes we need to separate ourselves from social activities
or relationship to fast.

What to do when we fast.
1. Preach the word of God.
2. Forgive and let go.

3. Give to the hungry and meet the needs of others. Isaiah 58 vs 7 OmoJesuĐivaOlorire

Examples of people in the Bible who provoked divine intervention via fasting and prayer;
1. Queen Esther: Esther 4 vs 16-17, 5 vs 1-7
2. King Jehoshaphat: 2 Chronicles 20 vs 1-29
3. Nehemiah 1 vs 4-11, 2 vs 1- 9

N/B; No matter how long or hard you fast and pray, you are merely involving in hunger strike and are not guaranteed any answer if you are not born again.

If you want to make that decision today or you are not so sure if you have a relationship with God, or peradventure you once did but somehow along the way you lost track with God, kindly say this prayer of faith with me;

“ Lord Jesus, I come to you today. I am a sinner, forgive me my sins and wash me with your blood. I believe you died for me and on the third day you rose again that I might be justified. I accept you today as my Lord and Saviour. Now I believe I am born again and a child of God. Thank you Jesus Christ for saving me and giving me a fresh start” Amen!

Welcome to this great and loving family, Jesus loves you and I do too.

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